Colorista IV: Compatibility & System Requirements

Mac OS X:

10.11, through 10.15.6
4GB of RAM / 800 MB of Hard Drive Space


Windows 10 (64-bit)
4GB of RAM / 800 MB of Hard Drive Space

Host Requirements:

Adobe Premiere CC 2017 through CC 2020
Adobe After Effects CC 2017 through CC 2020
Apple Final Cut Pro X up to 10.2.3 through 10.5

GPU Requirements:

4GB of VRAM (per monitor) needed for UHD footage, 2GB for HD

Since Magic Bullet Colorista IV is no longer updated/maintained, if it's running a host or operating system outside of these specifications, the program will not be guaranteed to work as it's technically in an unsupported environment.

See the compatibility page for the latest version of Colorista to see what its upgraded version will work with.


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