What happened to the Shooter Suite?

With the exception of PluralEyes, all of the tools within the Shooter Suite have been discontinued as of September 8, 2020.

This includes Instant 4K, Frames, and Offload.

If you had access to the Shooter Suite prior to its discontinuation either through Red Giant Complete or having purchased a perpetual license, you can still use and access all of its components, and it will continue to work in the environments it had been engineered for.

You can also still contact support for troubleshooting and training assistance if needed. However, moving forward, none of the discontinued tools will continue to get maintenance or compatibility updates for future host programs or upgraded operating systems.

PluralEyes will continue to be updated, maintained, and supported as we move forward with retooling it to work more efficiently and with a wider variety of hosts, formats, and setups.

Download the last version of the Shooter Suite here for Mac or here for Windows.

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