My VFX Suite plugins are watermarked after updating them through Red Giant Application Manager

If you do not own the latest VFX Suite 1.5 release, do not click the Update button in Red Giant Application Manager next to your VFX Suite plugins.

If you are seeing watermarks after clicking the Update button in Red Giant Application Manager, it is likely related to a known issue wherein the Red Giant Application Manager is installing VFX Suite plugin upgrades users do not own over the versions of plugins they do own, resulting in watermarks.

To fix this:

  • Close Premiere, After Effects, and the Red Giant Application Manager.
  • Download and run the VFX Suite 1.0.7 installer here for Mac or here for Windows.

Once your plugins are reinstalled, ignore the Update button in the Red Giant Application Manager, otherwise the upgrades not owned will be installed again.

Alternatively, if you are interested in upgrading your VFX Suite plugins, you can do so through the VFX Suite plugin pages.

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