Error: Cannot find image file

This error message usually occurs for one of two reasons:

  1. The GPU resources are inadequate or the GPU drivers need to be updated.
    • Universe needs at least 2GB of video memory for HD projects, and 4GB of video memory for 4k/higher resolution projects; these requirements multiply by however many monitors are attached (e.g. with two monitors, 4GB is needed for HD, 8GB for 4k). If these requirements aren't met, instability can occur.
    • If the video memory requirements are met by your system, check that its drivers are up-to-date.
      • To update GPU drivers on Mac, update the OS X to its latest available version.
      • To update GPU drivers on Windows, head to its vendor's drivers section on their webpage. If you need help with this, contact support.
  2. There is time remapping, scaling, or position adjustments applied to to the clip.
    • Some plugins (like VHS and Holomatrix) utilize previous and next frame information to create their effect. When the previous frames have been modified through time remapping/scaling/position adjustments, it can interfere with what the effect is trying to achieve.
    • Try nesting the clip the effect is getting applied to into its own Composition or Sequence with all of its time remapping/scaling/position adjustments inside the nested composition/sequence, and then applying the effect that created the error message onto that clip.
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