How do I send a Problem Report?

Before sending us a Problem Report from PluralEyes, we heavily advise reviewing the PluralEyes FAQs to ensure all of the usual culprits have been accounted for. The majority of problems PluralEyes encounters are outlined in the FAQs.

The most efficient way to send a Problem Report from PluralEyes is to:

  • Load your project into PluralEyes in whatever way you've been loading it
    • Either from your host application or directly into PluralEyes
  • Sync
    • Even if it's a bad sync or the sync doesn't work, click it anyway
  • Once it's done, head into Help > Report a Problem...
    • Include any brief detail you wish to in the details, otherwise just save it someplace

Once it's saved, send it to support.

If you followed other FAQs that matched the description of your problem, be sure to say which ones so we do not offer redundant suggestions.

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