Denoiser III stutters or drops frames when rendered

Because Denoiser III analyzes every pixel of every frame in order to create a unique noise profile, it requires accurate frame data. This means that sometimes if other effects or adjustments are applied to a clip before Denoiser, it can cause an issue and, depending on the effect, you may need to nest clips in order to separate the effects being applied. Here are some things to check and look out for.

  • If there are other effects applied to the same clip as Denoiser, make sure Denoiser is at the top of the effects stack.
  • Sometimes moving Denoiser isn't quite enough, like with scaling, warp stabilizer and time remapping. When using any of those, you'll want to apply Denoiser first, then nest the clip and apply additional effects and adjustments to the nested clip.
  • Make sure you're applying Denoiser directly to footage and not to an adjustment layer.
  • Review the system requirements for Denoiser III to verify your machine is up to the task.

Should you continue to experience difficulties after checking all of these factors, feel free to contact the support team for further assistance.

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