(Edius) I'm getting an error message when importing my synced FCP XML into Edius

A very common mistake is forgetting to set the frame rate of your Edius project to the frame rate of your video clips. You can find the full guide here: Export to Edius


More information on setting the frame rate below:

1) Open Edius

2) Click on New Project

3) Select your preset and hit OK. 

If you can't find your preset:

a) Select the resolution you want your project to have, and check the Customize box

b) Choose your preset from the Video Preset drop down menu

c) For further customization, click on the Advanced line and you'll get more options to choose from

4) If you want to verify your sequence's frame rate, or are still running into issues importing the synced FCP XML sequence into Edius, head into the Bin panel, right click on the sequence and select Properties

5) You can find your Frame Rate at the bottom of the Clip Properties window

Note: If you aren't sure what your video clip's frame rate is, you can find it in PluralEyes after importing and media preparation is complete

If you are still running into issues importing your synced FCP XML sequence, contact support.

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