Do current versions work with older versions?

If the plugin's version is relayed as a roman numeral (ex. Colorista III, Denoiser II), the plugin cannot read its previous version's information.

If the software version is relayed as a digit (ie. Looks 4, Form 3), then it can open previous versions of itself.


  • Colorista III cannot read Colorista II plugin information.
  • Looks 3 can read Looks 2 plugin information.
  • Denoiser III can't read Denoiser II plugin information.
  • Mojo II can't read Mojo 2 information.

When a plugin can't read its previous version's information, it will install alongside its previous version and not overwrite it.

When a plugin can read its previous versions information, it will install over its previous version.


  • Colorista IV can get installed alongside Colorista III
  • Looks 3 overwrites Looks 2

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