Why doesn't LUT Buddy load my LUT?

LUT Buddy is engineered to primarily read and write LUTs it created. If you are trying to import a LUT that was created from another source, it may not be able to work with them.

That said, there is a potential workaround you can enable to possibly get your LUTs to load properly:

  • Find your LUT and open it in a text editor (on Mac you'd right click the file, select Open With... > TextEdit)
  • Locate a line (typically toward the top) that reads something like 'LUT_3D_SIZE X' where 'X' is whatever number your LUT was engineered around
  • Add an extra blank line beneath it (just hit 'Enter')
  • Additionally, if you see a note at the top prefixed with a hashtag (#), try adding 'BEGIN METADATA' and 'END METADATA' before and after that hashtag.


Save the LUT with those adjustments made, and try re-loading it a second time. If problems still occur, you're free to contact support for assistance, but  just know that the issue may boil down to that innate incompatibility between LUT Buddy and that LUT.

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