Why does Red Giant Application Manager show a product I've purchased as a trial?

If Red Giant Application Manager (RGA) shows a product you've purchased is in trial mode, it likely means the product needs to be activated either using an activation or a serial number; or the product had been installed using an older installation method.

To activate products in RGA, either:

  • Click Activate under the product's options in RGA.
    • If there is no activation option provided (and you haven't got a serial):
      • Check that you're logged into RGA using the email that had purchased the product from our website.
      • Try selecting Refresh Account Information from the menu in the top right (Screen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_8.34.35_AM.png).
  • To use a serial number, select the menu in the top right (Screen_Shot_2019-11-25_at_8.34.35_AM.png), followed by Enter Serial Number.

Note: If you are still using the legacy Red Giant Link application, it may be incorrectly showing current subscription products as a trial. You'll want to ensure you've updated to the Red Giant Application Manager.

If you need any help, contact support.

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