Why does Link show a product I've purchased as a trial?

If the Products tab of Red Giant Link shows a product you've purchased is in trial mode, it likely means a serial was not submitted during the product's installation process.

Follow these steps to fix it:

  • Close Red Giant Link
  • Run the installer you'd received for your product
  • On the Registration page, input your serial into the serial # box
  • Click Submit instead of Continue
  • Proceed through the installer's prompts and close it when it's finished.

Re-launch Red Giant Link, and your product should no longer be listed in trial mode.

If the Universe tab of Red Giant Link shows your Universe membership is in trial mode:

  • Check that you're logged in with the email that was used to purchase the membership.
  • Click the Gear icon in the top right, followed by Refresh Account Information.

Should neither of those steps resolve your problem or if you need any help, contact support.

Note: If you are a volume customer, you can ignore Link relaying something as a trial. Your product is not in trial mode; Link just doesn't have the ability to detect or relay when a license is checked out.

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