I'm not in trial mode, why am I still seeing a watermark?

If you're seeing a watermark but are not in trial mode and have registered your product, check that:

  • You're not using the same license on two machines at a time.
    Our EULA allows for however many installations you'd like, but you cannot run the same license between two machines at a time.
    Close out of your plugins on one machine entirely before launching them on another.
    • To see what license a plugin is currently using, apply it in whichever host program you're using (FCP X, Premiere, After Effects, etc.) and look for a Registration, About, or Setup button; clicking this will reveal what license the plugin/software is currently using.
    • If you're not certain that another machine is using the same license, try disconnecting it from the network and re-applying your plugin in a new project. If there's no watermark, you've likely got that license in use elsewhere concurrently.
  • You're not looking at cached frames.
    If your product had ever been used in trial mode, or had been kicked into trial mode for the reason above, you'll likely need to clean out your render cache.
    To do this in...:
    • ...Final Cut Pro X: Head into File > Delete Generated Event Files
    • ...Premiere: Head into Sequence > Delete Render Files
    • ...After Effects: Head into Edit > Purge > All Memory & Disk Cache

If both have been accounted for, contact support.

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