I'm not in trial mode, why am I still seeing a watermark?

If you're seeing a watermark but have registered your product (or are within the timed trial period), check that:

  • The Red Giant Application Manager is up-to-date
    Download the latest Red Giant Application Manager version here. This program handles the licensing of all of our current products, so making sure it's updated is critical.
  • You're signed in with your Maxon account
    The Application Manager requires you to be signed in with a Maxon account for all Universe, Red Giant Complete, and Maxon One subscriptions.
  • If you are using a serial number, sign in with your Red Giant account, or manually supply your serial number through the top right menu
    Signing in with a Red Giant account should automatically license any serialized products. If it doesn't, use the top right menu to select Enter Serial Number and manually provide your serial instead.
  • You have the right version of the plugin installed
    This is only applicable to purchases made before 2020 directly through redgiant.com (instead of maxon.net). Sometimes the wrong product version is erroneously installed when a different version should've been installed instead. To remedy this, uninstall whatever version you've got installed, and use the installers located in your account to install the proper versions.
  • You're not looking at cached frames.
    If your product had ever been used before it was registered, or had been kicked into trial mode, you'll likely need to clean out your render cache.
    To do this in...:
    • ...Final Cut Pro X: Head into File > Delete Generated Event Files
    • ...Premiere: Head into Sequence > Delete Render Files
    • ...After Effects: Head into Edit > Purge > All Memory & Disk Cache

If both have been accounted for, contact support.

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