How do I install upgrades?

Installing an upgrade is the same process as installing any of our other products or plugins. Which means:

  • You do not need to uninstall your previous version.
  • A previous version does not need to have been installed prior to installing an upgrade.

If you do have a previous version of a product on the same system you are going to install its upgrade onto, whether or not your upgrade will overwrite its predecessor depends on whether its version is relayed with a digit or a roman numeral: 

  • If a a plugin ends in a roman number, it will get installed alongside its previous version (ex. Denoiser III get installed alongside Denoiser II; Colorista IV gets installed alongside Colorista III)
  • If a plugin ends with a digit, it will get installed over its previous version (ex. Looks 4 overwrites Looks 3, Particular 2.6 overwrites Particular 2)

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