Error: Red Giant Services Unavailable

If the Red Giant Application Manager relays that services are unavailable, and you've already tried restarting both the program and the system, follow these steps:

  • For Mac Users
    This is an especially advised step if you have recently updated your operating system (e.g. into OS X 10.15.4).
    1. Download and extract this file. Place it somewhere like your Desktop or Downloads folder.
    2. Head into Applications > Utilities > Terminal
    3. Drag the file from where you'd downloaded it to into the Terminal window and hit Enter
      • You will be asked for your system's administrative password. Supply it and hit Enter.
    4. Once it's done, download, extract, and run the latest installer for Red Giant Application Manager.
    5. After it's installed, test your plugins on a brand new project. If you don't see watermarks on your new project, but they are still present on your old one, clean out the render cache and you should be good to go.
  • For Windows Users

If it still fails to work after a reinstallation, contact support.

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