Magic Bullet Looks 2: How do I install?

You can install Magic Bullet Looks 2 by following these steps:

  • Close all intensive programs (namely whatever you're looking to install Looks into)
  • Download and run the installer here for Mac or here for Windows.
  • On the installer's Registration page, check off Magic Bullet Looks
  • If you have a serial number for Magic Bullet Looks, put it into the serial # box and click Submit before clicking Continue
    • If you're just testing out a trial, click Continue
  • Click Continue
  • Click Continue and check off whichever host you're looking to use Looks with, then proceed through the installer's prompts until it's completed, then close it.
  • Launch whichever host you'd installed Magic Bullet Looks 2 for, and it'll be under the Effects section of the program.

If you run into problems or these steps don't work for you, contact support.

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