How do I activate PluralEyes 3.5 with my PluralEyes 4 serial number?

To activate PluralEyes 3.5 with a PluralEyes 4 serial, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install PluralEyes 3.5 as a trial. You'll want to use this installer: Mac / Windows
  2. On the Registration page, do not enter your serial number but instead choose to install PluralEyes as a trial
    • You will not be able to register PluralEyes 3.5 using a v4 serial within the installer. Only after PluralEyes 3.5.11 has been installed as trial can the program be activated. 
  3. Launch the PluralEyes 3.5 application once the trial is installed
  4. When asked for a serial number, enter your PluralEyes 4 serial number and click "Register"


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