Why isn't my plugin showing up after installation?

The most common reasons a plugin doesn't appear in a host after you've installed it are as follows:

  • The host was open during installation.
    Since programs haven't got the ability to refresh their menus on a live basis, you'll need to close and re-launch the host you were installing into. It's always advisable to have a program closed when you're installing something into it.

  • The plugin isn't compatible with the host.
    Just because a host was listed in the options of the installer doesn't mean it's necessarily compatible with all of the plugins listed in the installer. Magic Bullet Film, for example, is not compatible with Avid, but Avid is listed in its installer as an option to install into since Avid is compatible with other plugins within the suite.

  • The host isn't on the local partition/drive.
    Unfortunately our plugins don't technically support or work with hosts when they're installed on anything other than the C:\ drive, or the Mac HD drive. While you can try and move the plugins to whatever drive you've got your host on, it's instead advised to have the host moved over to the C:\ drive or Mac HD to fall within a compatible setup.

If none of those suggestions help resolve your issue, please contact support.

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