Why are my render times so long with Denoiser?

For every clip Denoiser is applied to, it analyzes every pixel and the surrounding pixels for each frame, as well as frames before and after, to determine how to take noise out of your footage.

This means the render times can be increased or decreased based off variables like the framerate or resolution of your footage.

There are a few general things you can do to speed up render times:

  • Render or export with only one monitor plugged in.
    • Multiple monitors divide the graphics card rendering abilities for display purposes
  • Make sure your graphics card driver is up to date (Windows)
  • Make sure your version of OS X is completely up to date (Mac)
  • Export footage with only Denoiser applied
  • Render footage at a lower resolution
  • Upgrade your graphics card to a card with OpenCL support and a higher amount of VRAM
    • This is only possible on Windows machines or MacPros. If you upgrade your graphics card on a Mac, be sure it is explicitly supported by Apple as we do not support Windows cards on Apple systems
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