PluralEyes 3 (w/Premiere): Connecting PluralEyes to Premiere

To connect PluralEyes 3 to CS6, CC, or CC 2014, follow these steps:

First make sure you already have PluralEyes 3, Adobe Premiere Pro, and the Adobe Extension Manager installed. 

  1. Start the Adobe Extension Manager.

  2. Select Install and choose the file PluralEyes 3 Connector for Premiere Pro. This file is located next to the Shooter Suite installer you'd used to get setup with PluralEyes, in the User Guides & Extras Folder

Note: You can't use PluralEyes 3 with Premiere CC 2015 as an extension on account it had not been updated prior to CC 2015's release. You'll either need to upgrade into a later version, or manually exchange the XML between the two programs.

How to use PluralEyes with Premiere as an extension

Once you've setup your connection between PluralEyes and Premiere as outlined above, you'll be able to send a sequence that's been setup in Premiere straight to PluralEyes for synchronizing, which can then be sent back into Premiere.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Start Premiere Pro
  2. In Premiere Pro, create a sequence containing the clips you want to sync. Make sure to put the clips from each camera or audio source onto their own separate tracks.
    • Note: Our recommended guideline for sequence length is 30 minutes or less. This is especially important to consider when running the PluralEyes Connector.
  3. Once your sequence is setup, click Window > Extensions > PluralEyes 3
  4. The connector will ask you to save your project, click Continue
  5. The project and sequence will open automatically in PluralEyes 3.
  6. Synchronize and, when you're done and are ready to send the project back to Premiere, click Export
  7. Once you've selected your Export options and are back in Premiere, your synced sequence will appear under the Projects panel, named after your original sequence but with a '_synced' suffix.  Double click it to open and work with your newly synced timeline.

To see a video of this in action, click here. Note the video is using Premiere CS6, but the fundamentals are the same between that an CC/CC 2014.

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