Magic Bullet Photolooks: How do I install?

Magic Bullet Photolooks was discontinued some time ago, see the last compatible host applications here.

You can install Magic Bullet Photolooks by following these steps:

  • Close all intensive programs (namely Photoshop)
  • Download and run the installer here for Mac or here for Windows.
  • On the installer's Registration page, check off Magic Bullet Looks
  • If you have a serial number for Magic Bullet Looks/Photolooks, put it into the serial # box and click Submit before clicking Continue
    • If you're just testing out a trial, click Continue
  • Click Continue
  • Click Continue and check off whichever version of Photoshop you're looking to use, then proceed through the installer's prompts until it's completed, then close it.
  • Launch whichever version of Photoshop you'd installed Magic Bullet Photolooks for, and it'll be under the Filters section of the program.

If you run into problems or these steps don't work for you, contact support.

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