How do I connect PluralEyes 4 to Premiere?

To connect PluralEyes 4 to Premiere CC 2014 or higher, follow these steps:

  • Ensure Premiere is closed
  • Download and run the latest Shooter Suite installer
  • Select PluralEyes 4 when prompted and click Continue
  • Check off whichever version of Premiere CC you are using when prompted and continue through the installer's prompts (make doubly sure you select the right version of CC; if you are using CC 2014, select CC 2014. If you are using CC 2017, select CC 2017. If you aren't sure which version you're using, there's no harm in selecting all of them).

Launch Premiere, and PluralEyes will then be listed under Window > Extensions

Since PluralEyes 4 communicates with Premiere using an HTML panel, and HTML panels were not available until CC 2014 or higher, PluralEyes 4 cannot be used with CC or earlier as an extension of Premiere, and would need to be worked with by manually exchanging the XML between programs.

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