Why can't I connect or sign in?

If Red Giant Link can't connect to the internet or is not letting you sign in, it's usually because:

  • The program needs to be updated
    If you are not using at least Red Giant Link 1.9.7, the program may have connectivity issues. You'll need to uninstall Link and download its latest version to workaround the problem

  • You are behind a firewall/proxy
    Link can be configured around a proxy under its Preferences menu (which is under Red Giant Link in the top left on Mac, or under Help on Windows).

  • A corrupted installation
    Which can occur if the internet connection was interrupted at any point during Link's download/installation. Try following these steps:

    • Close Link
      • For Mac:
        • Open a Finder window
        • Click Go > Go to Folder from the top menu bar
        • Type or copy/paste in: /Users/Shared/Red Giant/
        • You can get here by opening a Finder window and selecting Go > Go to
      • For Win
        • Open a File Explorer window
        • In the address bar at the top, type or copy/paste in: C:\ProgramData\Red Giant\
    • Delete the contents in the 'downloads' folder
    • Retry your download

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