Why don't I see my purchases listed under the Account tab?

Note: If you see an Account tab, you are using an old version of Red Giant Link. Be sure to update into the latest version here.

The Account tab in Red Giant Link will only show you products that:

  • Were purchased through Red Giant's website
  • Had been purchased under the email that is signed into Red Giant Link

It will not show products that were:

  • Purchased under a different email
  • Purchased through another vendor

It is not possible to merge products from another approved reseller into the Account tab, but that will not affect the plugin's ability to install/work on your machine, and it will not affect your upgrade options.

If you don't see products listed under Account that you had purchased through redgiant.com, make doubly sure you are signed into Red Giant Link under the email that had made the purchase. If you aren't, you'll need to sign out using the Gear icon in the top right of the interface. If you are signed in under the email that was used to purchase and don't see your products, it's likely because we've since discontinued the Account tab as noted in the disclaimer at the top of this FAQ.

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