What is the Red Giant Application Manager?

Red Giant Application Manager is a program that gets installed alongside our products and relays their installation and licensing statuses.

It has three tabs:


  • All relays products it detects as currently installed on your machine, and products purchased directly from Red Giant's website
    • Older versions or discontinued products may not be relayed.
  • Purchased relays products that were purchased directly through Red Giant's website using the account shown in the top right.
    • Products purchased from other websites may not be relayed.
  • Installed relays products it currently detects as installed.
    • If a product is installed on the machine but is not listed here (or is listed under one of the other two tabs), try reinstalling it with its latest installer, or the Install option if it's listed in the other tabs; only the latest versions of our products can be detected and relayed on this tab.
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