How do I purchase upgrades?

Any previous version of a product qualifies for an upgrade into the latest version (ex. Particular 1 can be upgraded into Particular 4, DualEyes can be upgraded into PluralEyes, etc.).

To purchase upgrades, you will either need:

  • To be logged into Red Giant's website under an account that's purchased any previous version of the product you are looking to upgrade.

    - OR -

  • To have a serial of an upgradeable product ready to provide prior to checkout.

Note that serials that have already been used to acquire upgrades cannot be used again.

You will NOT need:

  • To have a previous version of the product you are looking to upgrade already installed on your system.

  • To have owned the immediately prior version of the product you're looking to purchase (ex. you do not need TC Suite 14 to purchase TC Suite 15, you can own TC Suite 11, 12, etc.).
  • To download a special installer for the upgraded product specifically for upgrading.

To locate upgrade pricing:

  • Head to the Product Gallery and locate the product you wish to have the latest version of.

  • Click the See More Pricing option beneath the product.


  • Select the 'Upgrade' option within the pricing dropdown box on the product page.


Note there are no academic discounts on upgrades.

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