What is the general workflow when using Instant 4K?

These are the basic steps to using Instant 4K:

  • Create a composition or sequence in the resolution you want your footage to get scaled into. For example, if you want your footage to be in 1920x1080, create a composition at that size.

  • Bring your footage into the composition. If you get a prompt asking to switch the sequence to match that of your footage, click 'No'.
  • Apply Instant 4K to your footage
  • Using the Effect Controls panel, adjust Instant 4k to scale into your composition.
    • 'Fit to Comp Width' or 'Fit to Comp Height' means the image width/height will match that of your composition; this can potentially crop the sides of your image, depending on what its resolution was vs. what the resolution of the final comp is.
    • The other settings are presets designed around specific, pre-built resolutions
    • Custom allows you to set these height/width settings to whatever you prefer

Click here to see a video tutorial of these steps.

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