How do I register my product out of trial mode?

All of our software installs as a trial by default, ready to be activated at any time using your serial.

The exception being Red Giant Universe, which does not require a serial number. For more information on registering Universe, see this guide.

To activate your product out of trial mode, you will need a serial code that's received after purchasing the product.

There's two methods to activate a product once you've got your serial:

  • Register using the installer
    Close whatever program you've installed the plugin into, and run the installer you'd used to get setup with the product. On its Registration page, type in the serial exactly as it appears when it was received after purchase, click Submit (not just Continue), and it'll activate the product out of trial mode.
    • This will automatically check off the product the serial is for
    • Your serial should then automatically appear next to the product in the installer
    • Free products (like LUT Buddy) will read Registered next to them by default, you can leave these checked for installation if you wish to try them out
    • Didn't work? See this guide.
  • Register after it's been installed
    Most of our plug-ins can also be registered within the host application they were installed into. First apply the plug-in within the host application, then open its Effect Controls and click the "Options", "Setup" or "Register" button to register the plugin (the name of the button varies per host)

Note that you may need to clean out your host's render cache to remove watermarked frames from your project once it's been registered. To clean the cache in... 

  • Final Cut Pro: Click File > Delete Generated Event Files
  • Premiere: Click Sequence > Delete Render Files
  • After Effects: Click Edit > Purge > Image Cache Memory
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