How do I install my products?

All of our current products can be installed by following the steps below.

  • Close any host programs you want to install products into.
    For example if you're going to install Magic Bullet into Adobe Premiere, close Premiere first.

  • Download your installer.

    • If you purchased our products directly from, your installer is located in your account.

    • If you purchased our products elsewhere, the latest installers are on the Installers page.

  • Launch your downloaded installer.
    Inside the downloaded folder will be your installer, which will have the filename of the suite your product(s) belong to. Once launched, proceed through the Introduction and License pages.

    • If you downloaded multiple installers, makes sure you only have one open at a time.

    • You will need to be logged in as an administrator to run our installers.
  • When prompted, select the products you'd like to install.

    • You do not need to install everything provided by the installer to install just one or two products

    • For upgrades, you do not need to have previous versions installed prior to installing them. Some upgrades will overwrite their predecessors (in which case they can read their plugin information) while others will upgrade alongside their predecessors (in which case they can't read their plugin information).

    • Selected products that are not owned will be installed as trials.

  • Install.

    • The plugins automatically detect and install their components into any compatible programs on your setup.
  • Activate.
    Click Activate in the lower left of the installer's final page to launch the Red Giant Application Manager and activate the product(s) you'd just installed.

  • Launch whichever program you'd installed your products into to start using your products.
    Most products get installed into the Effects Library.

    • For PluralEyes and Premiere, the program will appear under Window > Extensions

    • For PluralEyes and Final Cut Pro X, you'll use PluralEyes with it as outlined in this video

    • For Davinci Resolve and Universe, the effects appear under the OFX tab

If you need further help with installation, feel free to contact the support team.

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