How do I install my products?

Most of our products can be installed by following this guide:

Note: This guide does not apply to Universe-- for help installing Universe, click here.

  • Close all intensive programs (editing programs, large projects, etc.)
  • Download and launch the installer for whichever products you'd like to acquire
    • All of our products install through 'Suite' installers, but you don't need to install everything in the suite;
      you can select just the products you wish to install, and proceed from there
  • On the installer's Registration page, put checkmarks next to whichever products you'd like to install
    • If you've bought the product you've downloaded, put the serial you received into the serial # box and press Submit
    • If you're just testing out a trial, click Continue
  • On the next Installer page, check off whichever programs you'd like to install the plugin/product into.
    • For PluralEyes, if you're trying to install into Final Cut, you can skip this page and just proceed through the installer
  • Click Continue and proceed through the installer's prompts, then close it when it's done
  • Launch whichever program you'd installed your products into, and they'll appear in the Effects library

Those steps apply to most of our products. Some discrepancies include:

  • For PluralEyes and Premiere, the program will appear under Window > Extensions
  • For PluralEyes and Final Cut Pro X, you'll use PluralEyes with it as outlined in this video
  • For Holomatrix in the Effects suite, it'll appear under the Window menu of After Effects
  • For Davinci Resolve and Universe, the effects appear under the OFX tab

Some other notes:

  • You do not need to uninstall anything prior to installing our products, this includes upgrades and free updates.
  • If you have a previous version of a product installed and are installing an upgrade, the upgrade will overwrite your current version with whatever version you're installing. For example, Looks 4 would overwrite Looks 3. Trapcode Particular 3 would overwrite v2.6. Some discrepancies include:
    • PluralEyes 4, which installs alongside PluralEyes 3.5, 3, or 2
    • Any products with a roman numeral denoting the version, such as Colorista IV, which installs alongside Colorista III

If you need further help with installation, feel free to contact the support team.


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