Why isn't my serial number working?

These are the top reasons a serial number isn't working in an installer:

  • The serial is for an older version of the product you're trying to install
    The latest installers are all trying to install the latest versions of our products, some of which were upgrades from previous versions. If a serial for an older version of a product is used on an installer that's trying to install an upgraded version, it will not work.

    Examples of what won't work include:
    • PluralEyes 3 serial being used in a PluralEyes 3.5 installer; PluralEyes 3.5 was an upgrade from v3, you would need to use the PluralEyes 3 installer, or upgrade into PluralEyes 3.5.
    • Trapcode Suite 12 serial being used in a Trapcode Suite 13 installer; this will install all of the Trapcode Suite 12 products, except what was upgraded (Particular, Mir, and Shine). You would need to use the Trapcode Suite 12 installer to install the versions you own, or upgrade into Trapcode Suite 13.

    If you'd bought your Red Giant products directly from our website, the right installer to use will be listed under Your Products page to the right of your serial after logging in. Serials purchased elsewhere (like B&H or ToolFarm) can use either the latest installers here, or our Legacy installers for older products. If you're not certain which product and version your serial is for, see this guide.
  • The four-letter prefix is missing
    All of our serials are a twenty-character string prefixed with four letters, you'll want to make sure the four letter prefix is included when entering it into the installer.

  • The user is not an administrator
    Installers are trying to place a serial file that will need to be accessible by all users on a system, and since only administrators can authorize that kind of file placement, an administrator needs to be the one installing-- it is not enough to install as a non-administrative user and just provide your administrative credentials when prompted. You will need to be logged in as a user with administrative privileges to install our products.

  • There are multiple installers open
    Having multiple installers open can cause problems as they may interfere with each other. Close any and all installers you've got open and only have one open at a time.

  • (Mac only) There are permission issues on the directory the serial is trying to get placed in
    On Mac OS X systems, there can sometimes be file permission issues with where the serial file is trying to be placed. To fix this, try following these steps:

    • Close all programs (namely the installer and any programs you're trying to install into)
    • Open a Finder window and select Go > Go to Folder... from the top menu bar
    • Type or copy & paste this file path in: /users/shared/
    • Select the Red Giant folder and click File > Get Info
    • Reveal the Sharing & Permissions area toward the bottom of the window that comes up toward the bottom if it isn't already, then click the Padlock in the lower right (entering your credentials when prompted)
    • Click the + button in the lower left
    • Highlight all of the accounts you can, and click Select
    • Give each user in the table Read & Write permissions
    • Click the Gear icon > Apply to Enclosed items...
    • Try installing again and your serial should be accepted.

If none of those reasons fail to resolve your problem, contact support.


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