Help with installing latest product updates with a previous version Suite serial number

This will guide you through how to install latest maintenance updates for your products if your Single Suite serial number is from a previous Suite's version.

  • Example: you have a license for Trapcode Suite 11 and would like to install the maintenance updates that are available through Trapcode Suite 12.

Please keep in mind that new products or upgraded products will be included in the latest product Suite's installer and these products will install as Trial if you register with a serial number that is from a previous Suite's or product's version.

  • Example 1: The newly upgraded product in Tracode Suite 11 was Trapcode Form v2 so a Trapcode Suite 10 or Trapcode Form v1 serial number will not unlock Trapcode Form v2.
  • Example 2: The new product that is available in Trapcode Suite 12 is Trapcode Mir, a Trapcode Suite 11 serial number will not unlock Trapcode Mir.

If you have a serial number that is from a previous Suite's or product's version then you are eligible for special upgrade pricing to the latest version, view upgrade pricing here.



1. Be logged-in as the Administrator on the system.

2. Open the product installer.

3. On the installer's Registration page.


  • If the 'Serial Number' column has your 20-character serial number already inputted then your are regsitered and you can continue installing.
  • If the 'Serial Number' column dispalys 'Trial' for product(s), go ahead and continue installing as Trial, you'll need to register your products in a later step.  Note: 'Trial' will also appear for any product that you will be unable to unlock with your previous version's serial number.
  • If the 'Serial Number' column displays 'Wrong Version' for product(s), this means that the serial number that you are using is from a previous version and will be unable to unlock this new version, (an upgrade is required to register this new version). For this product, uncheck the box to the left of the product name so you do not overwrite your currently installed product.

4. Finish the rest of the installation process.


5. After installation is completed, close the installer and you may now open your host application.


6. If you need to Register your products (if you installed as Trial), apply one of your purchased products (i.e. Trapcode Form or Particular) and click the Register button to input your serial number.  This will remove the red X Trial mark from your output.

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