Magic Bullet Looks 3 & 2: Can I install Looks 2 (Guru) preset packs into Looks 3?

Yes, but since Magic Bullet Looks 3 stores Looks preset files in a different location than Looks 2.5, there will be a few steps to follow.

Currently, our 'Guru Pack' installers are still configured to install for Looks 2.5. This guide will walk you through the process of installing Guru Packs for Magic Bullet Looks.

For Windows

In Windows, there is only one method for installing Guru Packs for Magic Bullet Looks 3. This involves installing the Guru Pack as you normally would, then moving the files from the Looks 2.5 location to the Looks 3 location.

  1. Run the installer(s) for the Looks Guru Pack(s) that you wish to install for Magic Bullet Looks.
  2. Open a new File Explorer window (Windows + E).
  3. Navigate to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\LooksBuilder 
  4. Open the “Looks” folder, Locate the Guru Pack folder(s), and copy to the “Default Looks” folder.

Close the File Explorer window, launch your host application of choice and enjoy your Guru Presets in Magic Bullet Looks 3!


For Mac

Method 1: Install directly into Looks 3

  1. Launch the installer and proceed through the Introduction, License and Installation Choices pages.
  2. On the Installation Type page stop and click the Looks folder in the Location column to reveal a drop-down menu and select the LooksBuilder folder.
  3. Now click on LooksBuilder to reveal the drop-down menu again. This time select the Other… option. This will launch a finder window.
  4. In the finder window, select the Default Looks folder and click the Choose button.
  5. Complete the installation and enjoy using your Guru Pack Presets in Magic Bullet Looks 3!

 Method 2: Manually Moving Already Installed presets

If you already have Guru Packs installed for Looks 2.5 or are having trouble with the direct method, this is an alternative installation method for OSX.

  1. First run the installer(s) for the desired Guru Pack(s) you wish to install for Looks 3. This step can be skipped if you are looking to migrate a previous installation.
  2. Navigate to the Finder in your Dock, then select the Go option in the menu bar and select Go to Folder…. This will launch a dialog box.
  3. In the text field in the Go to folder dialog enter /Library/Application Support/LooksBuilder/Looks and click Go. This will open a new Finder window in your Library directory.
  4. Locate the Guru Pack folders within the Looks folder and drag the Guru Pack folder(s) from the Looks folder to the Default Looks folder.
  5. Close the finder window, launch your host application of choice and enjoy your Guru Presets in Magic Bullet Looks 3!
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