PluralEyes 3/3.5 (w/ Premiere): Premiere unstable after importing from PluralEyes

After exporting a synchronized timeline from PluralEyes to Premiere, if you experience:

  • Crashing when trying to edit
  • Blackened audio portions
  • Ghosting playhead activity
  • Long loading times with your timeline
  • Diagonal lines in the sequence

You're likely encountering a known issue with Premiere CC 7.2.2 that was addressed and fixed with an update to Premiere CC 2014 or later.

There were some changes made to the XML importation with Premiere CC 7.2.2-- namely any XML that's exported or re-imported (regardless if it's from PluralEyes) had a chance of corrupting the timeline and showing one or more of the symptoms above.

Updating to a later version of Premiere is the advised solution. Aside from that, there are these other potential workarounds:

1.  Duplicate the problematic sequence. In a good number of cases just duplicating fixes the issue.

2.  Highlight all the media in the problematic sequence and copy it to a newly created sequence. This can work when duplication fails.

3.  Create a new project with just the media you're wanting to sync. Manually export an XML, sync, then import the synced XML into your main project. For some people where duplication doesn't work this seems to take care of the issue.

4.  Start your sequence loading your footage directly into the PluralEyes 3 standalone application. Export an XML for Premiere. That XML can be imported to an existing project.

5.  You can also install the previous version of Premiere 7.2.1 which doesn't have the changes to XML import.  This Adobe blog has details on how to revert to the old build.  


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