PluralEyes 3/3.5: How to send us project information for troubleshooting

PluralEyes 3/3.5 has the ability to create a Problem Report that can then be sent via email to Red Giant for us to review and respond back to for efficient troubleshooting.

The Problem Report contains data from the project, sync, importing, and other activity prior to the report's creation. That said, here's the most efficient way to collect as much data into the report prior to emailing it to us:

1. Load your project into PluralEyes, sync, and click Help > Report a Problem

2. A window will pop up with the log files as well as a dialogue box where you can include a description of your project, as well as any details that would be helpful in solving the issue.

3. After you click Save, a .zip package containing all the log files will be created on your desktop.

4. To email your report to the support team, either open a support ticket and attach this .zip package to the ticket, or email the .zip file to*.

* - There is a 10MB limit to attachments sent via email and support tickets. If your problem report exceeds 10MB, you'll need to use a file sharing service to relay the report. If you haven't got access to a file sharing service, contact us and we'll go over other options.

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