PluralEyes 2/DualEyes: I can't activate my product

If you have a 16-digit string for a license number from Singular Software (ex. 123456-123456-123456), you'll need to convert your license and use a Red Giant Installer.

The previous Singular Software activation process for PluralEyes 2 and DualEyes switched over to the Red Giant registration process, so the old License Manager won't be able to activate your software through Singular.

You'll need to convert your serial and download our installer to reactivate and install the version you own; this is an entirely free process, you'll only need to setup a Red Giant account so the new serial can get registered to an account.

To convert your serial and download your product from Red Giant, complete these two steps:

  1. Convert your Singular Software license key to a Red Giant serial number on this page.
  2. Download and Install the Red Giant version and use your new Red Giant serial number to activate product.

 If this failed to resolve your issue, please contact support.

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