What is 'Draft Mode'?

'Draft Mode' is an indicator that Denoiser is not showing you a denoised image. Because of how it operates, Denoiser requires a few factors to be accounted for to show you a completely denoised preview:

  • Make sure the clip you're working with matches the sequence it's in. For example if the clip is 23.97fps, make sure the sequence/composition it's in is also 23.97. If it isn't, either adjust the sequence/composition settings to match the clip, or try nesting it into its own sequence/composition.
  • Ensure the Viewer is set to 100% zoom level. You may not be able to see the entire frame, but you will see that the image is denoised.
  • If you're in After Effects, check that the Resolution is set to 'Full.' See the pictures and steps below for more details


 Resolution not set to 'Full'



 Resolution is set to 'Auto' and Magnification is set to '100%'




How to change to Full resolution in After Effects

  1. In After Effects, click 'Resolution/Down Sample Factor Popup' menu (this is between 'Color & Channel Management Settings' and 'Region of Interest' in Composition window).
  2. Select 'Full' option.
  3. Move playhead in Comp or click the 'Sample' button in Denoiser II's Effect Controls window to exit Draft Mode.


Choose 'Full' option from Resolution drop down menu.



Move playhead in comp or click 'Sample' button to exit Draft Mode.

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