How do I install Universe?

• To get setup with Universe, you'll first need to setup a Red Giant Account

If you already have an account (you likely do if you've purchased through Red Giant before), proceed onto the next step. If you haven't got an account, go ahead and set one up. All that's needed is an email and a password to get started.

• Next, download and install Red Giant Link    

Link is a program responsible for updating, installing, and maintaining Red Giant Universe on your machine. It can also relay to you any products you've got installed on your system, or what products you've purchased through Red Giant.

• Once you have Link installed, open it up and Sign In using the Menu icon in the top right    

Sign in using the account referred to in the first step.

• Make sure all of your editing programs are closed

You're about to install Universe, and it's always advised to have programs closed whenever files are getting installed into them.

• Under the Universe tab, click Install

Red Giant Link will then detect and install into any and all Universe-compatible hosts on your system.

Once that's done, launch whatever programs you want to use Universe with and, in the Effects menu, you should see all of your Universe tools installed, all prefixed with the word 'Universe'.

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