How do I install Universe?

• Step 1: To get setup with Universe, you'll first need to setup a Red Giant Account.

If you already have an account (you likely do if you've purchased through Red Giant before), proceed onto the next step. If you haven't got an account, go ahead and set one up. All that's needed is an email and a password to get started.

Step 2: Close any and all host applications.

Host applications (After Effects, Premiere, FCP X, etc.) shouldn't be open when plugins are installed into them, otherwise errors can occur or plugins won't show up.

Step 3: Next, download and run the latest Universe installer.

This installer auto-detects and installs Universe into any compatible host applications detected on your system. Since it's installing a lot of assets, resources, and plugins, the installation process may take a few minutes to complete.

• Step 4: Once the installation is complete, click Activate to open Red Giant Application Manager, then Sign In.

Sign in using the same Red Giant Account you'd used in the first step. This then activates and links your newly installed Universe plugins to your Red Giant Account, relaying their subscription or trial status accordingly.

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