Why is there a watermark over my trial?

Some of our trials are watermarked and some are timed.

When a timed trial is started, you will receive a notification that the trial period has started and can then visit the License window of the product to review how many days are left in the trial (when applicable).

Discrepancies include:

  • Sound Keys will not have a watermark, but you are limited to 300 keyframes per instance.
  • Red Giant Universe's trial is managed through Red Giant Application Manager
  • PluralEyes' trial period is managed through the Licensing window.

If you are seeing a watermark over your Universe tools within your trial period, click here.

The red 'X' will remain over these effects until they have been purchased and serialized.

With the exception of the watermark, the plugin is fully functional, allowing you to test out its features and see if it can run within your system's specifications.

If you have registered your product and are still seeing the red 'X' watermark review this FAQ, or contact our support team.

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