PluralEyes 3/3.5 (w/ FCP 7/X): There's a communication problem between PluralEyes and FCP

The following symptoms indicate that there is a communication problem between PluralEyes and Final Cut Pro:

  1. FCP crashes after a sync
  2. There is an error message from PluralEyes that says it is having trouble communicating
  3. Error messages like "Got NULL for XML document root" or "Is Final Cut Pro running?" are seen
  4. The project and sequence lists in PluralEyes are blank

PluralEyes communicates to Final Cut Pro using operation system services (Apple Events). It does this at startup to get the project and sequence information, and after processing is complete to send the sync results back to FCP. This normally works well but can fail if

  1. The project has a large number of clips and sequences in it
  2. FCP is busy and can't accept a communication
  3. Apple Events aren't working

Some solutions are

  1. Remove unneeded items from the project (be sure to back up the original project)
  2. Wait till FCP isn't busy doing other things (like rendering)
  3. Reboot

Workaround Starting with PluralEyes v2.1 there is another workaround for problems like this. You can do the communication manually by exporting and importing XML files. Here's how:

  1. Export your FCP sequence to XML. To do this, go to FCP and select the desired sequence in the Browser. Choose File > Export XML....
  2. In PluralEyes, click the File button and choose the exported XML file.
  3. Sync with PluralEyes and import the resulting synced XML file into FCP using the menu item Import > XML....



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