PluralEyes 2 (w/ Premiere CS6): Connecting PluralEyes to Premiere

Connector is an Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 that makes it easy to use PluralEyes with Premiere Pro. Note that in order to use Connector, you must already have installed PluralEyes for Premiere Pro.


  • Download
  1. If you haven't already installed PluralEyes for Premiere Pro, download and install it from here.
  2. The connector file is located within the Extras folder of the downloaded zip file that contains the all the PluralEyes installers.  For Windows users the connector file is located within the PluralEyes v2 folder of the zip file.  The same extension file works for both Windows and OS X.


  • Install
  1. Start the Adobe Extension Manager
  2. Select Install and choose the file PluralEyes 2 Connector for Premiere Pro.zxp


  • Use
  1. Start Premiere Pro
  2. Set up the sequence you want to sync
  3. Select the menu item Window > Extensions > PluralEyes
  4. PluralEyes will start. Select the sequence to be synced, choose any sync options and press Sync.
  5. When the sync is complete, press Exit
  6. The synced sequence will be opened automatically in Premiere Pro


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