What is your render-only policy? How do I get a render-only version?

With the purchase of each serial, you are allowed to install a separate render-only license on up to five machines.

To acquire this render-only license, create a support ticket by emailing us or creating one through our website and we will activate one for you.

You'll need to contact us using the Red Giant account or email the product you'd like a render only license for purchased under, or you'll need to include your purchased serial(s) in your request.

A single license is granted five render only nodes, two licenses would grant you ten licenses (and so forth). Render licenses cannot be purchased separately from a regular license, so if you need more render licenses, you'd need to be more single licenses-- you may want to contact our volume team in the event you require a lot (5+) of additional licenses.

If you or are a volume customer and require more render-only licenses, contact volume@redgiant.com 

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