How can I tell which product my serial number belongs to?

The first set of letters of a serial indicate what product that serial belongs to. The numbers after that help determine what version the serial is for.

Use the chart below to assess which product your serial goes to, and what version it's for.

For example 'TCB' would be the Trapcode Suite, and if it's followed by '12', then your serial is for Trapcode Suite 12.

Note: Some of our much older products and versions had used all numbers, in which case this FAQ does not apply. Many of these products received the new four-letter format with upgrades to newer versions, and you can review how to update them here.

 First 3 characters
 Automatic Duck: Media Copy  DMC
 Automatic Duck: XImport AE  XAE
 Composite Wizard  PCW
 Effects Suite  FXB
 Holomatrix  ABH
 Image Lounge  PIL
 Key Correct  KCP
 Keying Suite  PKB
 Knoll Light Factory  KLP
 Magic Bullet Cosmo II  MRT
 Denoiser III  MNZ
 Frames  MBF
 Instant HD/Instant 4K  IHD
 Magic Bullet Colorista IV  CL4
 Magic Bullet Looks  MBL
 Magic Bullet Mojo II  MII
 Magic Bullet Suite  COB
 PlaneSpace  DPS
 PluralEyes 4  PFEF
 Shooter Suite  SHB
 Primatte Keyer  PKP
 Psunami  DPN
 Text Anarchy  DTA
 ToonIt  DTI
 Trapcode 3D Stroke  TC3
 Trapcode EchoSpace  TCE
 Trapcode Form  TCF
 Trapcode Horizon  TCH
 Trapcode Lux  TCL
 Trapcode Mir  TCM
 Trapcode Particular  TCP
 Trapcode Shine  TCS
 Trapcode Sound Keys  TCK
 Trapcode Starglow  TCG
 Trapcode Suite  TCB
 Trapcode Tao  TCT
 Warp  SST
Legacy Products & Versions
 BulletProof  RGB
 Color Suite  COB (followed by 11)
 Datamator  DDM
 Film Fix  FFP
 Grinder  MBG
 Instant HD Advanced  IHP
 Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop  KLC
 Magic Bullet Colorista (v1.1)  MBC
 Magic Bullet Colorista II  MC2
 Magic Bullet Colorista III  CL3
 Magic Bullet Cosmo   MBO
 Denoiser II  MBN
 Magic Bullet Mojo  MBM
 Magic Bullet PhotoLooks  MBP
 Magic Bullet QuickLooks  MBQ
 Magic Bullet Suite 11  MBB
 Magic Bullet Steady  MBT
 PluralEyes 2 Avid  PLAF
 PluralEyes 2 Edius  PLDF
 PluralEyes 2 FCP  PLFF
 PluralEyes 2 PPro  PLPF
 PluralEyes 2 Vegas  PLVF
 PluralEyes 3  PLBF
 PluralEyes 3.5/PluralEyes Express  PLLL
 Presto  PRO
 Radium Glow  SSG
 Trapcode Particular for Nuke  POX


 Guru Presets
 First 3 characters "AAAA"
 Cassidy Bisher's Light Effects for Trapcode Suite  CBL
 Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol 1 for Trapcode Suite  DRD
 Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Vol 2 for Trapcode Suite 2010  CBT
 David Vinson's Particles Vol 1 for Particular  DVP
 David Vinson's Super Rays for Shine  DSR
 Eric Escobar's Indie Film for Looks  EEI
 Eric Escobar's Indie Film II for Looks 2  EE2
 Harry Frank’s Cinematic Flares for Knoll Light Factory  HFF
 Harry Frank's Holidays for Particular  HFH
 Harry Frank's Looping Backgrounds for Trapcode Suite 2010  HFL
 Harry Frank's Video Rock for Particular  VRP
 Harry Frank's Weddings for Trapcode Suite  HFW
 Nando Costa's Elements for Trapcode 3S Bundle  NCE
 Nick Campbell's Vintage Film for Looks 2010  NCV
 Simon Walker's Master Artists for Looks 2  SWM
 Simon Walker's Weddings & Events for Looks  SWW
 Sports Graphics for Trapcode Suite 10  SMG
 Stu Maschwitz’s Rebel Epic for Looks  SML


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