PluralEyes Express: What are the limitations of PluralEyes Express?

If you received a PluralEyes Express serial please see the list below for information on differences between Express and the full version of PluralEyes 3.5. Customers with PluralEyes express do qualify for the $99 upgrade price to the full version (which is now on PluralEyes 4).


  PluralEyes 3.5 PluralEyes Express
Media Limits    
Total Media Length Unlimited 30 Minutes
Number of Clips Unlimited 10
NLE Support    
Adobe Premiere Pro Yes Yes
Final Cut Pro 7 Yes Yes
Final Cut Pro X Yes Yes
Avid Media Composer Yes No
Sony Vegas Pro Yes No
Media Export    
Trimmed Audio Files Yes Yes
Video with Replaced Audio Yes Yes
Sync Options    
Drift Correction Yes Always off
Try Really Hard Yes Always off
Level Audio Yes Always on
Allow Sync to Change Clip Order Yes Always off
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