Why can't I choose specific plugins or host apps during installation?

Why do all Universe tools Install and Uninstall at the same time? 

The Red Giant Link application does not currently have a feature for you to choose which specific plugins to install on your machine.  We decided for convenience and simplicity to automate the detection of host applications, and do a full installation of all Universe plugins to all supported host applications. We will monitor the reaction to this functionality, but for now there is no support for customized installations or selecting specific host applications.

Note for Legacy Users: There is an option within Red Giant Link to Uninstall your Legacy tools if you wish. On the Universe tab, select the gear icon on the YOUR TOOLS bar. After installing Universe, you will have the option here to 'Uninstall Legacy Tools'. Once you have uninstalled Legacy tools, they will remain uninstalled on future updates unless you manually choose to Install Legacy Tools from the same menu.

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