PluralEyes 3/3.5 (w/ Premiere): Workaround for Audio Extraction Failures

If PluralEyes couldn't extract the audio from your Premiere project, it's possible it's because of the way the media was imported into Premiere, or because it's not a supported filetype.

Regardless of the cause, you can try following these steps to workaround it.

We recommend you make a copy of the project first before following these steps.

  1. Open the sequence to be synced in the timeline.
  2. Select all the video clips in the sequence.
  3. Choose the menu item Clip > Audio Options > Render and Replace
  4. Sync with PluralEyes
Note that this will create new media files on disk (the extracted audio) and will replace the audio in the unsynced sequence with those.
Second suggested workaround is to try using the Media Browser to import your media into Premiere (instead of dragging/dropping it directly into the Project panel).
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