Error: Status -1 -- My installation failed with this error message


If an installation fails relaying status -1, it's typically related either to file permission issues between the installer and the locations it's trying to install files into, or a background service that's interrupting the installation process.

Since there are multiple possible culprits, there's multiple potential workarounds. Here they are in order of which works best:

  • Restart your machine and try once more
    • This force-closes any background service that might've been interrupting the installer.
  • Try using the product's direct installer (instead of installing through the Red Giant Application Manager).
  • Run an uninstallation script, then try reinstalling:
    1. Close the installer. Head into Applications > Utilities > Terminal
    2. Type or paste in this command and hit Enter:
      sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Red\ Giant/Services/ 
      • It'll ask for your admin password; provide it and hit Enter.
    3. Once it's done, try reinstalling.
  • Create a brand new user account on your machine with admin permissions, and try reinstalling under that new account.

If none of those steps help, or you need assistance, contact support.

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